M. Sc. (Agriculture)


Duration: 2 Years
Eligibility : The student should have graduation in B.Sc.(Ag) from recognized University or College.


2 Years

MM. Sc. (Agriculture) has subjects under it like forestry, farming, Agricultural Economics, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Soil Science and Food Technology.

Agriculture is one of the top career choices made by students in India.  Agriculture in simple words, deals with study of plant breeding that is consumed by human beings. Agriculture has lot of scope in terms of career opportunities. With the commercialization of horticulture and agriculture there are wide-ranging opportunities for paid jobs as well as private enterprise. State Department of Agriculture employs agricultural engineers as agricultural officers for the improvement of agriculture in a district.

There are also private firms investing money in medicinal crops and plantation crops who normally hire agricultural engineers. Postgraduate students can work as supervisors, distributors and engineer; or they can also start his/her own business. Skilled professionals can opt for research activities. They can join IARI as junior fellow researcher and become agricultural scientists. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges.