M. Sc. (Master in Science)


Duration: 2 Years
Eligibility : The student should possess graduation in B.Sc. from a recognized University or College.


2 years

MM.Sc. is a postgraduate academic master’s degree awarded by PKU. The degree is typically granted for studies in the sciences or engineering or medicine, and is usually for programs that are more focused on scientific and mathematical subjects.

While it ultimately depends upon the specific program, individuals who pursue a Master’s of Science degree typically require a thesis.

M.Sc. aims in making an individual specific in their respective fields by teaching them higher concepts and giving them in-depth knowledge.

M.Sc offered by PKU is in the following Fields –

  • M.Sc (Mathematics)
  • M.Sc (Physics)
  • M.Sc (Chemistry)

EEligibility : The student should possess a B.Sc degree from a recognized College or university.

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