PDGBM (Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management)


Duration: 1 Year
Eligibility : The student should be a graduate from a recognized University or college.


1 year

PPDGGM programme is extremely prestigious and is rated as one of the finest of its kind in the country. The alumni of this programme currently occupy very significant positions in various industries, both in India and abroad.

The curriculum lays the foundation for a conceptual and analytical understanding of Indian and international business. This programme is designed to closely integrate current management theory and practice. The course imparts knowledge and fosters attitudes essential for the growth of students into competent, responsible managers. The course has an evolving programme content and is constantly updated to be in tune with the emerging trends. It’s highlights are –

  • To develop broad theoretical and technical knowledge of the business discipline
  • To help participants possess competency and skills to select and apply knowledge and information to complete a range of activities
  • To provide the understanding which will enable them to progress to higher levels of management
  • To enable them to enter the workforce in the roles of Line Managers or equivalent


EEligibility : The student should possess gradduation from a recognized University or college.